Inspire and Influence

Do You Remember how It Was Being a Child?


Children are often still open and direct. Children appear to have an authentic view on leadership. Let their statements and images tempt you to have a hard look at your own expectations and framing. What would be your answer to the question ‘’What is a good leader?’’.

Watch the video below!

Inspired by World Economic Forum, They asked a group of kids about leadership and what makes a good leader. Their answers will surprise you.

If you want more, just have a look at the tiny video collection below:

Build Awareness

In this course we start from the following definition: leadership is consciously directing the behavior and inspiring others to jointly achieve the set goal.


This means, pay attention to:

  • Communication
  • Flexibility (letting go of paradigms and being open to new perspectives)
  • Listening (what is really listening?)
  • Inspire and motivate
  • Taking responsibility for everything you do
  • Self-awareness (what does it mean?)

In order to be a good leader it is necessary to know yourself, your own motives and qualities.

To support you in your search, we have a video about a number of world’s leaders. Find below the inspirational video.

A lot of research has been done on leadership, the diversity of perspectives and theory is enormous. Still, there are a number of aspects that keep recurring. It’s all about behavior and attitude of the leader. Its impact on others.

Please answer the questions and reflect on them. Write down your findings. After following this and the following topics, you can build your personal leadership profile. There is no prescribed format for this. It may be a mood board, written text, a mind map, a blog or a video Choose what suits you. What you can possibly communicate (to co-workers or colleagues, or what you can use in a job application).

  • What's Leadership to you now? Who inspires you?
  • Who do you want to follow? Or who don't you want to follow? Why?
  • What do other leaders and/or professionals/followers say about Leadership? Go on research, find current sources.