Understanding the Global Goals

During this lesson we would like you to learn more about the Global Goals. The video below explains the necessity for change in relation to the Global Goals – not only in your business, but also far beyond the walls of your office! The Global Goals are the result of a large survey and lots of dialogues with stakeholders from a huge number of countries. More important, most world leaders signed the agreement to achieve the set goals by 2030!

As an owner or employee of a social enterprise, we don’t have to explain to you the fact that making profit alone is not enough. By creating social value, you are able to create impact as well. Due to the Global Goals, and the signed agreements to achieve the goals, it becomes important to visualise the expected future. Align your business strategy with the direction the world goes towards approaching the year 2030.

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Be aware that the challenge to save and sustain our globe is also a big opportunity to redefine your business - or business model - to create a blue ocean, and to leave competition behind.

Since we are talking a lot about sustainability and the Global Goals, let’s explain it in a bit more detail!

So you see that the Global Goals are mentioned in global challenges everyday, although we may not always notice them as such.

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Perhaps you have already heard about the Triple P - People, Planet and Profit. It has already changed to People, Planet and Prosperity. Implementing the Global Goals in November 2015 during the Paris Climate Convention, Peace and Partnership have also been added.

Let’s have a look at all the Global Goals, and you will see, those five P’s are of great help to subdivide all the 17 Global Goals into five levels.

source: ndla.no (click image to listen to a Podcast episode on Equality as one of the Global Goals)

Those 17 goals, the Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals are mentioned a lot in the media. Global warming/the climate crisis is all caused – and that is a scientific fact – by our destructive way of life on the planet.

The Global Goals are signed by hundreds of national governments in 2015 and 2016. Important decisions are made on the governmental level to work on achieving these set of 17 goals (divided in 169 sub-goals) before the end of 2030! That’s why it is important to consider them. You can help – in your private life, but also in business: by creating impact!

You might have heard about the COP26 Glasgow meeting for world leaders end of 2021? This UN Climate Change Conference and its outcomes will have a huge impact on the the way we act in regard to the energytransition and our way of working on the Global Goals.  There’s no time left!

Besides this meeting in Glasgow, you might have heard about the IPCC reporting too! The reporting proves a dramatic raise in temperature if we do not decrease pollution. We know, extreme weather is effecting us more and more, and if we decide to do nothing, or do not change fast enough the results are dramatic. A raising sealevel and higher temperatures will absorb a lot of space to live in the world. Don’t forget, UNESCO states a huge increase of people living on our one and only planet, up to 12 billion.  More people and less space….these two won’t combine!

So hopefully we stated the importance to show leadership. A real leader is that person, who is steering his team to extreme performance. As we now know governments are working on achieving the Global Goals. Extreme performing teams are able to make impact already!  For the leader making impact  is a great chance. By developing or innovating business to a way not only the business is a winner. Mother Earth is winning too!

Remember: Creating sustainable impact is a business advantage!