Balance and Expectations

Developments in our living environment, the (digital) world, are moving fast. Climate crisis, sustainability issues, principles of equality, fair distribution of resources etc. are crying out for attention. It influences thinking about appropriate leadership. What do the current and new generation (millennials and post-millennials) need and how do you fit in?
Take a look at the video, which respresents one perspective of millennials in the workplace by Simon Sinek (15:00)

Millennials (generation Y)

  • anyone born between 1980/1985 – 1995
  • most millennials have completed their studies
  • working life has begun
  • they are digital natives

As a manager, you want to include them in your team, inspire and influence them.

What are their characteristics, qualities and what keeps them busy?

post-millennials (generation Z)

  • anyone born between 1995-2010
  • group of people that is marked by the Internet- like a part of their DNA (it storms into their homes, their education and their way of socializing)
  • their mastery of technologies may make them neglect their interpersonal relationships to a greater extent, but they are the ones who give more of a voice to social causes on the Internet

Genration Z

Put yourself authentically in the world : try to be open minded, positively critical, inspired, curious and constantly learning.