Balance and expectations

… some introductary words?…

Take a look at the video, which respresents one perspective of millennials in the workplace by Simon Sinek (15:00)

Growing uncertainty? Driving forces?

Crisis, threatening but possibly also promising?


Millennials (generation Y)

  • anyone born between 1980/1985 – 1995
  • most millennials have completed their studies
  • working life has begun
  • they are digital natives

As a manager, you want to include them in your team, inspire and influence them.

What are their characteristics, qualities and what keeps them busy?

post-millennials (generation Z)

  • anyone born between 1995-2010
  • group of people that is marked by the Internet- like a part of their DNA (it storms into their homes, their education and their way of socializing)
  • their mastery of technologies may make them neglect their interpersonal relationships to a greater extent, but they are the ones who give more of a voice to social causes on the Internet

Genration Z

Put yourself authentically in the world : try to be open minded, positively critical, inspired, curious and constantly learning.