How to Create a Vision

In this lesson you can choose to either read the texts or watch the videos. Enjoy.

Welcome to our way: The Third Way (made possible by the European Union).
I’m Sanne Metsemakers from Avans Hogeschool in the Netherlands. I’m taking you through the slides about ‘how to create a vision’ of the Management and Leadership module.

This lesson for social professionals is about how to create a vision. The lesson on How to Create a Vision is one out of four of the Management and Leadership modules for social professionals.

The topic ‘How to Create a Vision’ consists of three parts:

  1. Why is a vision essential?
  2. What is your value proposition?
  3. A valuable fit with your market

60 minutes

This introductory session will take you approximately 60 minutes to work through, that is, if you just follow the explanations.

120 minutes

With additional reading this session should take you in total about 120 minutes to complete.

3 hours

With additional reading and a review of the academic articles, journal articles or advanced concepts this should take you closer to 3 hours to complete.

Let’s start!