Focus on measurable results


People’s and team’s success (and yours) depends on things that aren’t necessarily in your control.

… transition? …

What are the goals, how and with whom do you formulate them so that you can follow the progress in achieving them?

  • Define measurable goals and targets.
  • Measure results: critical success factors such as measuring quality via Key Performance Indicators (KPI), for example measuring complaints, customer satisfaction, financial indicators, etc.
  • Not only material, but also well-being , employee satisfaction

How are you going to facilitate them? What division of tasks?

How do you make teams self-organizing? What is needed for this?

Too much for a webinar like this. (This is no webinar).

… more Information about KPI or setting goals?… e.g.:

An important aspect is beyond question: stay curious, innovative and continuous learning. Find your way in this, look for sources and above all get to work: Learning by doing!

  • Jim Fischetti: vision to results, Leadership in action
  • Julie Zhuo: The making of a manager
  • Alden Mills: Unstoppable teams