Social Impact through Implementing the Global Goals

Let’s explain what social impact means for you, as a leader!

We all know, the economy is measured by financial growth. This systems has worked (and still works) very well over the last decades/ages. In 1972, the Club of Rome published ”the Limits of Growth”, in 2000 the Millennium Goals and Earth Charter publications were released, and then in 2015, with the implementation of the Global Goals, the limits to our economic welfare are mentioned. More and more people are worried about our destruction of the globe. No action has been taken for decades, and it’s only been in the last 3 to 5 years that worldwide climate action has been coming up. The urge for change is now seen by everyone. The climate report (IPCC in August 2021) explains without any doubt that change is needed. We have no time left anymore to provide the next generations a place to live.


Therefore, besides working on a financial healthy organisation, we expect real leaders to work on social impact. This social impact is integrating the Global Goals in the strategy of the company. And as a leader, it is your place to do that!

You are on your way in a triple play expedition. Let’s explain that. A very well known model in old school economics is the model of Tracey & Wiersema. The model teaches us to make a choice on which of the three angles you will focus on in developing a new strategy. We strongly believe that as a leader, you have a new challenge: your expedition to a successful leadership. So a new model will be explained below.

The new value disciplines are:

  • A more healthy business operation.
  • A remarkable customer experience.
  • A positive social impact.

In the centre we speak of a threshold, a minimum level of expectations. With the right balance you can be that leader. Choices you have to make, are based on financial outcomes, of course. If your P & L (profit and loss) is not okay, you will not survive. This is the economic part. Secondly, and becoming more and more important, is the way you listen to your customers. If customers do not like your product or service, they will go to another supplier. Think about what you do in your daily life – both your physical as well as your online presence are extremely important. Last, but for sure not at least, you are expected to create positive impact. This is the social value. Let’s explain the last one.

important information

Positive Social Impact is the way you care about your environment. About the world. Here you find the connection with the Global Goals. Your customers expect you to take that into consideration and to make the right decisions. The values which form the basis of those decisions are stated in the 17 Global Goals - your tool to use to make positive change. As is expected from a great leader!

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So whilst making your strategic decisions and planning the future for your company, do not forget to think about those five levels of impact:

  • Planet: Are you able to choose materials which do not negatively effect nature? Can you reduce packaging materials, like plastics, etc.?
  • People: Are you sure you do not harm people? Is gender equality implemented in your HR etc.?
  • Prosperity: Do you use clean and affordable energy? Are you sure inequality is not caused by your activities?
  • Peace: Do you care about other cultures and nations? Are you sure everyone in your company is treated the same?
  • Partnerships: Are you sure you have the right partners? Do they act as responsibly as you do? Who can support you to increase impact?

So finally, we really hope you are inspired to act responsibly, like a real leader, by working with the Global Goals and striving to achieve them. We know that this is a difficult task to accomplish, but if you dare to leap ahead, you pave the way not only for a sustainable economy, but as an inspiration for the next generations!

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