Who are Our Project Stakeholders?

The answer to this question is not always easy and straight forward, therefore the first list you create is likely to expand.  A typical list would include:

Project Manager

Project Sponsor or Funder

Clients, Service users or Customers

Local Government Officers

Suppliers or sub-contractors

Neighbours or local interest groups

Team members

Specialists or Expert groups



Carers or support agency staff

Parents, friends or guardians

Project stakeholders have interest, influence or power, or both over project outputs and project outcomes. Stakeholders can interfere or intervene at almost any stage of the project to either hinder or enable project progress. It is therefore essential that good project management includes identification of stakeholders and understanding their barriers and objections to the project or their needs and wants from the project.  Communication with stakeholders is essentially the lifeblood of the project.


Additional reading on stakeholder analysis can be found here.

Using the Power/Interest Grid for Stakeholder Prioritisation

4 Steps in Stakeholder Management:

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Prioritise and analyse stakeholders using power/interest grid
  • Understand your stakeholder, needs, wants and expectations
  • Create a communication plan

Additional reading about tools to undertake a stakeholder analysis can be found here.