Introduction to the Module

This is the start of the introductory lesson of Project Management. We hope you enjoy the journey and learning about the project management module you are about to start.

In total there are four learning lessons you can now follow that take you from introduction to project management for social enterprises, starting a project, delivering a project and then to project closure.

60 minutes

The lesson Starting a Social Enterprise Project will take you approximately 60 minutes to complete, if you only follow the explanations. The case assignments will take more time and force you to expand your wings to put the theory into practice to internalise it.

50 minutes

The lesson Delivering Your Excellent Project will take you approximately 50 minutes to complete if you only follow the explanations.

60 minutes

The lesson Closing the Project will take you 60 minutes to complete, that is, if you just follow the basic content.

There are three main directed learning elements to the module that are associated with this introductory lesson:

Why is Project Management Essential for a Social Enterprise?

This question is specifically answered when we interview two experienced staff from social enterprises that have worked on, and sometimes led Project Management within their organisations. They identify three types of project management they have been involved with, which gives us frameworks to implement project management methods appropriately within our own organisations.

What are the Types of Project Management Relevant for Us?

The three types of  projects that  require management that have been identified  are discussed and ideas are provided on how much control and management is required. Further detail will come later  as you progress through the module and the directed learning provided.


How do We Manage Our Powerful, Influential and Important Stakeholders to Achieve Our Project Goal?

The role of stakeholders; those people or agencies that have power and influence over your projects, is discussed as a critical element of Project Management. The management of stakeholders starts with identifying the individuals and groups impacting your project and then categorising these into manageable groups. Stakeholder Management is discussed later in the module.
further reading

Additional reading about project management can be found here.