Archive Documents

Before you close a project, archive all the documents plus any notes and data that could prove useful. Retain particularly, the lessons learned reports on a shared drive or in a cloud solution that makes them available to all project teams. Even if you never access it, there’s a need to keep a paper trail of the work done on any project for other people in the organisation. This might include legal teams, or HR teams, or even your successor. You never know when someone might have to go back and respond to a question or want to learn how an old issue was resolved.

Project Documentation Should Be Retrievable for Use in the Future

  • To aid future projects or for legal reasons.
  • As a requirement of the sponsoring body or funding agency.
  • Archives can be retrievable globally or locally dependent on the sensitivity of the record set.
  • Prepare news articles, posters, journal papers, magazine entries, notes and memos to your peers.
  • Add the experience to your CV.