Obtain Sign off from Stakeholders

Next, confirm the project is complete. It’s not enough to declare a project done yourself. Each person involved needs to agree on the project’s completion before you can formally close it out and move on.

  • The Sponsor or funder usually request to sign off the Project as satisfactory
  • Which stakeholders do we need to sign off the Project?
  • Do we need specialists and professionals to sign of specific parts of the Project i.e. electrical safety?
  • How do we obtain sign off, formally in writing, confirmation in a meeting, or other means?
  • How have we documented stakeholder satisfaction?

To confirm the project’s completion, you will need to obtain approvals for the project deliverables (i.e., all stakeholders must agree that you delivered on all parts of the project plan) usually larger Projects will require official sign-offs from the project stakeholders. Be sure to document this step so you have proof that the project close was formally signed off. 

A sign off meeting can be held to bring stakeholders together.

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