Taking Action to Keep Track of the Project

So far we have looked at scheduling a project and ensuring that we take action to keep the project on track.

This has been shown to be an iterative process of checking project tasks, activities and progress to schedule which means inevitably there is a need for:

  • Corrective action to rectify faults in tasks
  • Changes to the Project Schedule/list of tasks
  • Allocation of new resources to support the changes

Thus a project will go through the PDCA cycle many times, creating new schedules and updated tasks. In advanced project management changes to project schedules are controlled with revisions to the schedule monitored and kept for record purposes. This also helps the communication of changes to any schedule to be issued to relevant stakeholders. 

Recording of these allows easier identification and understanding of lessons learned from the project.

A successful project will involve, planning, doing, checking and acting upon findings.

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