How to Set up a Social Enterprise

Simply put, a project brief (project proposal or project plan) is a starting point for any project – whether it’s to plan an internal website update, organise a charity fundraising event, outline a school project or starting up a social enterprise.

It’s a key document that outlines the scope, scale and detailed requirements of the project, helping you reach your goal faster and more efficiently.

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It serves to build a shared purpose – The ‘end in mind’, for all stakeholders and provides, a platform for effective communication.

Follow the links below for examples of forms used in project management and also for guidance on how to set up a social enterprise:

Working in Teams Helps Improve Project Success

When creating a project brief we need to know who the team members are:
  • They can help prepare the brief, which is a start to developing the shared purpose of the project.
  • They can identify and analyse the stakeholders of the project.
  • Risk assessment methods are better carried out in teams.
  • Team members may have specific skill sets and preferences which if utilised  well will bring the best out of the team. We can identify team roles in the Project Brief document.