Measuring Impact on Society

The role of Key performance Indicators in Project Management

  • In social enterprises “Impact on Society” sits high on the list of desirable outcomes but how do know we are achieving this and to what extent?
  • Project KPIs are measurable indicators that help to track a project’s performance.
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KPIs are usually expressed as a metric, so that changes in performance over time can be monitored.

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For instance Project specific KPIs could be:

  • Adherence to Project schedule i.e. number of tasks achieved compared to those that where planned
  • Estimate to project completion i.e. number of estimated resource hours left on the project compared to the number of hours left according to the schedule
  • Cost variance

Research identified three areas that KPIs could be developed from within social enterprises:

  • Fairness, i.e., the ability to ensure access to products and services to vulnerable, disabled, elderly people, etc.
  • Involvement, i.e., the ability to ensure the participation of the relevant stakeholders in the decision-making process
  • Communication and transparency, i.e., the ability to inform the stakeholders about SE activities

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