Monitoring and Control of Project Progress, Tasks and Activities

It’s worth noting that any issue, no matter how small or disconcerting at the time it was mentioned, should be considered. Recording of team member issues, likewise, could be crucial to understanding the heartbeat of the project. In other words, experience has shown that things get in the way of implementing plans, so we need to be carefully checking, monitoring, recording and acting on any issues no matter how small they seem.

Monitoring and control is often referred to as the Beating Heart of a project, which would include a heartbeat cycle of:

  • Report issues (using an issues log system)
  • Risk and issue management (risk mitigation and problem solving)
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (procedures and protocols)
  • Team meetings (regular review and discussions, communicating issues)
  • Team morale (keeping focus on achieving success and contribution)
  • Lesson learned (not repeating the same mistakes again)
  • Stakeholder engagement (timely communication and involvement)
  • Change control (recording and distributing changes to direction and control)
  • The next bend (Take time out to assess, have we missed anything out?)
checklist, check, list

A video addressing the ten  project heartbeat functions can be found below: