Example of a Situational SWOT for a Project Meeting

We mentioned the SWOT analysis earlier in the module as a tool for identifying threats to a project. This is a tool that can also be used to analyse the current situation of a project and thus be used in the checking part of the PDCA as well as the early preparation stages of a project.

In the example we see that the goal is to open up emergency food for the homeless and be a sustainable activity by a particular date. The SWOT analysis shown could guide the project team to identify necessary actions that would improve the likelihood of project success. The situational SWOT was prepared on the date stated, thus recording the status of the project at that time, which can become the basis of project management meeting records.  It is recommended that meeting records focus on the actions decided as a result of the meeting, which would include

  • Corrective action to rectify faults in tasks or issues identified on any issues log.
  • Changes to the project schedule/list of tasks.
  • Allocation of new resources to support the changes.