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Introductory Module

The starter module is an introduction to the curriculum, the MOOC and the project that has created these. Each of the modules are introduced with a brief description and certain essential and key elements are introduced.


Starting Up Your Business

Learn how to develop your business idea and turn it into a business plan. In conjunction with the module on financial management you can make up your financial plan.


Funding & Tendering

A successful bid or tender can be a lifeline, it can provide you with the funds you need to achieve your objectives and to be innovative.


Project Management

During this course you can improve your knowledge of project management within the social enterprise sector.


Financial Management

In this course you learn the basic principles on financial management everyone needs to know. We call it also Finance for non-financials.


Marketing & Social Media

This module introduces you to the basic Marketing principles and concepts by emphasising the value of Marketing within any entrepreneurial setting and the relationships with other functional areas of business.


Management & Leadership

This course will help you to understand what’s expected from you as a leader: i.a. becoming more self-aware, building your team, defining your believes and translate those to a vision, etc.


Governance & Leadership

This module will guide anyone interested in setting-up, working in or improving their impact within a Social Enterprise.


Impact Management

The information you will find in this module is the result of research on social impact measurement, several consulting assignments in the social sector and our experience in sharing our knowledge with college students.

What Our Students Have to Say

"I opened the website and felt intrigued. First of all, it contains a variety of interesting topics. For example, Project Management is something I really want to know and learn in depth. Second, these courses are free. This allows me to study without any worries. Third, a quality website that offers courses for free is important. This ensures that we avoid learning the wrong things."
Xixi Yang
Continuious Education Specialist at TUDFaCE
"The Third Way: Valencia Bootcamp was a great experience for me. I got the opportunity to participate in the workshops with students from different countries. And I also learned how to deal with the problems of social enterprises. The Third Way Online learning module is a great platform where you can learn many courses to build an understanding of social enterprises."
Sandesh Kumar Kafle
Student from Mendel University in Brno
"I think that this site is interesting because it speaks about a lot of subjects like economy, climate, and energy. It is easy to use this one and to find some information."
Alexandre Calleja
Student from Mendel University in Brno
"I found out a lot of valuable and realistic knowledge related to my study field on the website free of charge. It is actually out of my expectation because so far, I had to pay a certain money for learning online or receiving the certificate after finishing those courses on other websites."
Trang Thi Thu Nguyen
Student at from Mendel University in Brno
"I was really impressed by these courses from The Third Way, because I am currently studying Economics and Management and it gave me a lot of information that we are not doing/talking/covering in school. Also certificates are a really good thing because I can include them in my CV. Modules are free and they were honestly covering a lot of information, useful information that you won’t find these days for free 😊."
Natália Pinterová
Student from Mendel University in Brno
"The Third Way Project is a very interesting project that allowed me to have a social approach. This way has provided me a lot of information that will be useful to me in my future work. It is a very interesting and engaging project. The first time that I saw this website has aroused in me the desire to learn more about social business and the variety of topics give to me the possibility to make this. All this can be done very flexibly: the individual courses can be interrupted and then resumed exactly where you had stopped. This is very stimulating!"
Moreno Figliuzzi
Student from Mendel University in Brno
"I didn’t expect this kind of website when I heard the name of it. Finally, it was interesting to learn by ourselves thanks to the explanations and videos. It was very engaging to be able to deepen the explanations or not, depending on the subjects that interest us the most."
Clara Chosse
Student at from Mendel University in Brno
"The site provides a wide range of information in an intuitive way. The site is very easy to learn and I am happy to have had access to this site. It allows you to discover or deepen notions that are nowadays essential."
Emma Lorcy
Student from Mendel University in Brno
"The site is very interesting, there is a lot of information, but it is easy to access. There is a different subject with a lot of articles, posts, messages on blogs but also the press. This is a very good informative site."
Thibaud Santoro
Student from Mendel University in Brno
"I found the website to be very interesting to read because I was able to learn more thanks to an intuitive and educational design."
Camille Dumont
Student at from Mendel University in Brno

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