Introductory Module

Welcome To The Introductory Module!

This module will help you start your learning journey with The Third Way Project!

The starter module is an introduction to the curriculum, the MOOC, and the project that has created these. Each of the courses are introduced with a brief description and certain essential and key elements are introduced. The concepts include the importance of having a vision, of asking the question ‘Why’, of adapting to and managing change and the importance of understanding the virtuous and vicious cycle. Most important of all is to know why – Why do you want to start a social enterprise, or work in this sector?

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this module, it is expected that you will:

  1. Understand the origins and aims of this project.
  2. Be able to navigate the curriculum and the MOOC.
  3. Be prepared to start the course and to be a start-up social enterprise.

The following video gives you an insight into the project, as well as into the MOOCs on this website, in form of an interview with Dr. Allan Lawrence.

In this second video, questions are answered regarding the use of the MOOCs, for example which modules are available, who they are suitable for, and more.