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Our Courses

Below is an overview of all our courses. To enrol simply select the course you want to take. You can do every course you want and in whichever order you choose for free. Enjoy!


Marketing & Social Media

This module introduces you to the basic Marketing principles and concepts by emphasising the value of Marketing within any entrepreneurial setting and the relationships with other functional areas of business.


Impact Management

The information you will find in this module is the result of research on social impact measurement, several consulting assignments in the social sector and our experience in sharing our knowledge with college students.


Governance & Leadership

This module will guide anyone interested in setting-up, working in or improving their impact within a Social Enterprise.


Project Management

During this course you can improve your knowledge of project management within the social enterprise sector.


Management & Leadership

This course will help you to understand what’s expected from you as a leader: i.a. becoming more self-aware, building your team, defining your believes and translate those to a vision, etc.


Funding & Tendering

A successful bid or tender can be a lifeline, it can provide you with the funds you need to achieve your objectives and to be innovative.


Starting Up Your Business

Learn how to develop your business idea and turn it into a business plan. In conjunction with the module on financial management you can make up your financial plan.


Financial Management

In this course you learn the basic principles on financial management everyone needs to know. We call it also Finance for non-financials.


Introductory Module

The starter module is an introduction to the curriculum, the MOOC and the project that has created these. Each of the modules are introduced with a brief description and certain essential and key elements are introduced.