Starting Up Your Business

Course Description

Welcome to the module Starting up your business. Here you will learn how to develop your business idea and turn it into a business plan. In conjunction with the module on financial management you can successfully create your own financial plan. This information is not only important when starting up a business, it also provides you with key parameters to manage your business. It’s the business cockpit for those who are in the driver’s seat.
The information is sourced from previous research on social business models and our experiences with student entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is something you learn by doing and that is why students are increasingly encouraged to start their own business during their studies. After all, there is no better school for entrepreneurship than experimenting.

Key Concepts

This module will place social entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial landscape and cover concepts like mission and vision, unique selling proposition and elevator pitch. Also included are the building blocks of a business model, valuable tools and sustainable business models. 


Learning objectives

On completion of this course, it is expected that you will: 

  1. Place social entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial landscape.
  2. Define your professional mission.
  3. Become aware of your strengths and entrepreneurial skills.
  4. Understand the customer concepts, value proposition, value chain and profit model.
  5. Learn to work with business model templates.
  6. Develop your own business model.
  7. Gain awareness on the need for sustainability as a key feature in future business models.

We wish you good luck with developing your business model and hope you enjoy the learning!