Are you interested in an Internship?

One of the core goals of the T3W project was to narrow the gap between the higher education and the practical world of social enterprise. Whether you are a student or an entrepreneur, the information in this section might interest you!
Do you want to learn more from experienced entrepreneurs? Are you interested in learning about other social and environmental organisations from across Europe?
In this section, we present information on funding opportunities that will allow you to gain practical experience in another country, and to apply your knowledge in organisations that value new perspectives and work with a social purpose. We also provide inspiration in a number of programmes and practices being delivered by T3W partners.

Funding Opportunities

We have brought together some examples of existing programmes able to provide funding for internship experiences in social enterprises in another country. We invite you to read through the programme descriptions, follow the links and decide which, if any, is best suited to your internship dreams.

Be Inspired

Here we provide some inspirational examples of internship programmes and practices, developed and delivered by T3W partners, and we hope that this gives further insight into the possibilities that await you.

The value and benefits of internships in a social enterprise

Social impact and environmental responsibility are increasingly recognised as a necessary part of any business model, with all actors and stakeholders in the economy required to consider the consequences of their activities, reflecting on both production and consumption. Businesses and organisations that specifically address social and environmental challenges are increasingly visible and social enterprise is becoming a more appealing career option, with many prominent social entrepreneurs both doing good and making money.
Managing and working within such organisations brings new challenges yet provides an opportunity to share ideas and experience, and to consider possible areas of innovation. Learning from peers through paid or unpaid internships is key to gaining insights, evolving quickly and becoming resilient and these are skills that will serve you well throughout your career. Experiencing this in an international environment brings additional opportunities for linguistic and cross-cultural development, providing a life changing experience for all those involved.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply to the listed programmes through this platform?

No, this platform provides insights and information on funding, mobility and exchange opportunities for those looking to experience social entrepreneurship; in all cases, applications should follow existing arrangements which are normally detailed in this website or via the provided links.

2. Where can I travel to and how do I choose a country?

After selecting the funding programme that is best suited to your needs, you will be able to see what exchange opportunities exist, which countries are involved and how you might apply.