Governance & Leadership

This module is prepared and delivered in conjunction with other modules aimed at providing knowledge, skills and competence for the Social Enterprise sector. This module will guide anyone interested in setting-up, working in or improving their impact within a social enterprise. Likewise, you will learn “by doing” the exercises that are at the end of the module and answering thought provoking questions posed during the presentations, aimed at improving your knowledge of governance and leadership within the social enterprise sector.

Key Concepts

In total there are four learning sessions you can follow that take you from (1) introduction to governance and leadership for social enterprises; (2) understanding effective governance and leadership, (3) managing stakeholder expectations and (4) learning more about the power of the vision driven enterprise.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this module, it is expected that the you will:

  1. Understand the difference between a governor and a leader.
  2. Recognise the different board of governor structures that a social enterprise can employ.
  3. Recognise and fulfil the necessary functions of a governor.
  4. Identify strategies and practical steps to manage all identified stakeholders.
  5. Recognise the impact of an effective vision and mission statement.