Overview of the Courses

The following list shows you all the courses that are part of the T3W MOOC:

  1. Management & Leadership – a review of leadership styles. The difference between leadership and management. What kind of leader are you? What do you value and what drives you to create a social enterprise?
  2. Governance & Leadership – a board of governors are essential. They can be your critical friends and essential to maintain and oversee your strategy.
  3. Financial Management: This module includes some basic advice and tools to help you manage your finances. This module is essential for anyone wanting to start an enterprise.
  4. Impact Management: How do you show you are reaching your target audience, meeting a need and making a difference?
  5. Marketing & Social Media: Marketing is essential, and social media offers a cost-effective route to markets and customers.
  6. Project Management: An enterprise is built on projects and project management is an essential competence for a social enterprise.
  7. Starting Up You Business: This module includes essential advice for any start-up. You must be clear about your vision, your values and your ethics.
  8. Funding & Tendering: Writing bids and tendering for funding are valuable skills. This module contains practical advice on how to write a successful bid or tender

The following topics give you an insights to each module.