Introduction to the MOOC

There are some important points to make regarding using this MOOC and its contents.  The curriculum content and structure has been designed after a consultation process that involved over 200 representatives of social enterprises from across Europe.  The unites are not in any order, they can stand alone and can be studied as and when the student wishes to find out about a specific topic.  Alternatively, you may want to use all of the modules and you will find that certain topics re-appear, often as a bridge that unifies the broad range of modules that have been produced.  Most importantly, we hope that you find them useful and easy to use.


The MOOC offers eight different courses. Each one gives you insight into a certain fields of social entrepreneurship.

The following topics give you a short overview of each module, and this list shows you all the courses that are part of the T3W MOOC.

  • Management & Leadership – a review of leadership styles. The difference between leadership and management. What kind of leader are you? What do you value and what drives you to create a social enterprise?
  • Governance & Leadership – a board of governors are essential. They can be your critical friends and essential to maintain and oversee your strategy.
  • Financial Management – This module includes some basic advice and tools to help you manage your finances. This module is essential for anyone wanting to start an enterprise.
  • Impact Management – How do you show you are reaching your target audience, meeting a need and making a difference?
  • Marketing & Social Media – Marketing is essential, and social media offers a cost-effective route to markets and customers.
  • Project Management – An enterprise is built on projects and project management is an essential competence for a social enterprise.
  • Starting Up Your Business – This module includes essential advice for any start-up. You must be clear about your vision, your values and your ethics.
  • Funding & Tendering – Writing bids and tendering for funding are valuable skills. This module contains practical advice on how to write a successful bid or tender.

About the Evaluation

At the end of the last lesson of every course you will find an icon with a link to a short survey. This survey will ask you 10 questions about your learning experience with the courses, and will take you only approximately 3 minutes to complete. By taking this survey you actively help us to maintain and improve the quality of this MOOC, so we would be very grateful for your participation!

About the Quizzes

All courses consist of approximately 3 to 5 lessons. At the end of each lesson you will find a quiz where you can check your knowledge of the lesson. To pass the knowledge test, you must answer 80% of the questions correctly. If you have passed all the quizzes of a course and have worked through the course completely, you will receive a certificate for successful participation in the course.

About the Certificates

After completing a course, you can download a certificate with your name on it, the date on which you finished the course, and the main learning objectives of the course. To be awarded a certificate, you need to pass each quiz of the course with a passing score of at least 80%. You also need to make sure that every part of the course is marked as ‘complete’. You do that by clicking the ‘mark as complete’ button at the bottom of every page of the course. After completing each lesson and the last quiz, you’ll see a button for downloading the certificate pop up. If it doesn’t show up, make sure to check if every lesson is marked as complete. Sometimes you might have to click a button that says ‘click here to continue’ to get to the download.

About the Icons

Within each course, you will also find recurring icons to help you classify the learning material.
important information


This icon marks central and often summarised learning content such as definitions.



This icon is used to indicate learning content such as application tasks. They are used for reflection and a change of perspective.

further reading

Additional Reading

The icon with the three books shows that you will find additional reading material at the respective place in the courses.

further material

Additional Material

This icon marks course sections that provide you with additional multimedia learning material.


Evaluation Survey

You find this icon at the very end of each module. By clicking on it or on the link provided in the text, you will get to a survey evaluating your learning experience.