Tips & Tricks for the Impact Facilitator

Impact management is the entire organisations business, but it is equally important that someone takes ownership and guides the process. This can be done by the same person but is not necessary.

From interviews with various organisations that have already gone through an impact trajectory, and their coaches, we distilled a number of roles (expectations) for the ‘impact coach’. This impact coach is the inspirer who keeps making people believe in both the importance and the feasibility of impact management, who makes people open to the change and get them started. During the process, (s)he takes on the role of motivator who makes the first effects visible, reassures people when things get a little difficult and encourages everyone to go through the process fully. As a curator, the impact coach monitors the focus and checks that the necessary stakeholders remain involved. Finally, as a communicator, (s)he ensures that information becomes available and shared both internally and externally.

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