Management versus leadership

Leadership, nature or nurture. Part 2

Are you in charge of a company?

You can’t be everywhere as a leader all the time!

Leadership is more complex than (hierarchy) management (from a function/task to be the boss):

If you manage people within a business context, you may come across similarities and differences between leadership and management. The similarities are probably greater than you think, you can hope that every manager also has leadership qualities.

Even as an entrepreneur of a growing company, you notice that the moment has come that you can no longer live up to it on your own.

You want to build a team around you, with a common goal and a shared vision.  You will lead, delegate etc.

Possibly you are now in the role of manager (or entrepreneur with employees) and in that sense you are also a member of a management team.

There are tools you can use to get started.

For example, you can find coherence in the various roles and activities you have to do.

Take a look at the Leaders manual published in Harvard Business Review. 

Leadership is more complex than hierarchy/management (being the boss).

According to S. Covey:

Leadership: what are the things I want to accomplish (doing the right things)
Management: how can I best accomplish certain things (doing things right)

To zoom in on the question: Management versus Leadership. Maybe you have a – maybe negative – image of a manager (who pulls the strings and determines that things happen in the right way)? And a (rose-coloured) image of the leader, who sows and cares so that the plant (the employee) can grow? There’s a piece of truth in both.

A shared vision
A common goal