Your Elevator Pitch

Imagine standing with a potential customer in the elevator of The Empire State building, your “ride” up takes a mere two minutes. Before you step off the elevator you must have convinced this customer to purchase your organization’s products and/or services. You have little time so your pitch will have to be short, powerful, dynamic, entrepreneurial and convincing.
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Some guiding questions to prepare these two minutes:

  • Tell who you are and what company you work for (no question)
  • What do you/the organization do, what is your specialty, your expertise?
  • Tell what products and services your company offers, and for what customers/target group.
  • State what problem your product or service solves? How does this relieve the customer?
  • What added value or benefit does this provide to your customer?
  • Why should this customer buy from your company and not from competitor companies?

Get inspired!

video on “How to pitch a non-profit or social cause?” A smooth recording that keeps you watching and listening for the full 4 minutes. “Not only engage, but get people involved!” On this site you find a lot of information, tips & tricks, examples, pitches for start-ups, and more.