Why and to Whom Communicate Your Impact


We live in a time where communicating your social impact is becoming increasingly important. Both investors and other stakeholders want to see proof that resources are well spend and the desired impact has been achieved. Even employees are increasingly asking for a measurement that allows them to gauge the effects of their work. Because being able to demonstrate results is motivating, but also because they know that resources are limited and they want to optimize their work.
Moreover, in addition to the financial-economic performance, the social and ecological effects of an organization are becoming increasingly important. Which asks for measuring instruments to demonstrate and communicate these effects. Anyone who wants to work in a hybrid way, i.e. to value both the financial and the social side of business, will also have to communicate about both.

“It doesn’t matter why you want to measure your impact, be it for your CSR policy or for philanthropic reasons. The approach and the reasoning behind stay the same. It’s necessary for both aims. Because if you don’t measure your impact it’s the same as a commercial organization which does not know how much profit it makes.”

Dr. Karen Maas
Erasmus University Amsterdam

To Whom?

There may be several stakeholders with an interest in your impact report, and all have their own reasons for this interest. In the figure below you will find an overview of the main stakeholders and their motives. Take this motives into account when your deciding on what to report and how.