What? What Do You Want to Do?

One question remains from Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle: What are you doing, or going to do? What products and services do you offer, or will you offer? This theme is treated in depth in the module ‘Develop a sustainable business model’, when discussing the value proposition. Under this topic already a warm-up by offering you an inspiring video from Kathleen Kelly Janus, one of the founders of the social enterprise Spark and author of the book ‘The social start-up success’.

  • According to Kathleen Kelly Janus, you cannot design a solution without deeply understanding the problem. How well do you know the social challenge you want to touch with your business? How well do you know the working field? How well do you know the target group and other stakeholders?
  • Do you have a plan on how to turn your passion into impact? How you can translate your good intentions into tangible results?
  • Do you have the needed skills, and/or do you know where to find talented collaborators?