Volunteering and Fundraising

Every profit and non-profit organisation should carefully evaluate each of the available Marketing methods, before selecting those which could maximise its branding value and achieve its strategic objectives.

Undoubtedly, non-profit organisations constantly focus on promoting public awareness of the cause they support so to enhance the branding basics. Branding in a non-profit setting should be designed to educate or create certain emotions and interest to the target audience.

The process of promoting awareness should involve all those tactics which relate to fundraising, membership and volunteering encouragement.

Storytelling proves to be an engaging form of marketing, as it helps potential donors, members and volunteers to visualise your cause with stories and images. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju-q4OnBtNU&t=139s).  It is advised to keep your stories simple and inspiring. Furthermore, having a celebrity partner participating in you storytelling, will certainly assist your efforts in effectively informing your audience to learn how your cause is making an impact.  

Social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) are rather effective marketing means of communication which come at no cost. Such means allow you to share your success stories, educate about your cause and keep in touch with your audience anywhere in the world on an ongoing and regular basis.

Using Search engine optimisation (SEO) also helps to attract visitors to your website with the aim of encouraging them to volunteer or donate.

Source: classy.org

Furthermore, Peer-to-peer fundraising has become a very popular method in recent years, where members and volunteers can be engaged in approaching others within their (offline and online) networks and inspire them to donate to your cause.

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Since non-profit organisations merely rely on donations to achieve their purpose, the fundraising process appears to be a major “need-to-be-done right” challenge. (https://neonone.com/resources/blog/nonprofit-fundraising-strategies/)