Vision Driven Enterprises

Why Are Vision Driven Enterprises Making all the Headlines?

When a clear vision is defined within an enterprise, it provides a gathering point, or common interest, making everyone feel as though they are a part of a greater whole. Not only does this give deeper meaning for the work, but it also helps unify everyone into a team that is organised, focused, and working together to contribute to the vision.”

The vision inspires and guides both the leaders and the governors to drive the enterprise in the right direction – To the ‘where’ of the enterprise


What is a Vision?
A vision is the mental picture of the future you desire. More than just a goal, a vision is the embodiment of our hopes and dreams in a particular area; the picture of what has not yet happened, but what the future may hold.
In business, having a clear vision is absolutely critical. It is an extremely powerful tool to achieve the results you want.

What does it mean to have a vision?
Having a vision means we have a clear sense of purpose. It means we have a much larger picture of our business, or our life, than simply setting and reaching short-term goals and tackling problems as they come along.
Visions are driven by passion and dreams, and they are reflected through real efforts to create real results.

3 Key Reasons Why Having A Vision for your social enterprise is Crucial

  1. It is unifying.
  2. It is inspiring.
  3. It provides a focal point for goal-setting and business planning.

"A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done."

Ralph Nader, American political activist