Understanding Governance and Leadership

There is a two-way link between leadership and governance:

  • Governance frameworks provide strategic direction for leaders, help them to foster commitment, shared aims and to hold people to account.
  • Strong leadership contributes to effective governance by promoting interagency collaboration, shared understanding and clear roles and responsibilities.
source: pixabay.com

Some thought provoking points:

  • What is the relationship between leadership and governance?
  • How do leaders contribute to effective governance?
  • How does governance support effective leadership?

  • What Are the Keys to Successful Governance?

    “Particularly in highly regulated industries such as health and social care, the mechanics of governance needs to perform well, but not become the central focus of an organisation’s development. Governance should facilitate excellent organisational performance: it is not an end in itself.”

    Good Governance Institute, UK

    The previous interview with social enterprise governors suggests there are many types of governance structure. For example, one of the main roles for governors being enterprise-wide risk management. While governors provide strategic direction the leadership team hold accountability for the enterprise.