The Flourishing Business Canvas

If you are looking for a business model template that also allows you to incorporate your environmental and social goals, then the Flourishing Business Model might fit you. In that case, take a look at their website where you will find a wealth of information here.

We give a brief overview of this model below and selected an introductory video that captures the essence in a simple way. Those who paid close attention in the previous section will recognise in the Flourish Business Model both:

  • The Business Model Canvas: the 9 subjects of the BMC can be found here, with the proviso that Revenu becomes Benefits, Customers is replaced by Stakeholders and one speaks of Co-Creation.
  • The Golden Triangle: you recognize the Who, What, How and Why.

Additionally, the Flourishing Business Canvas enriches this economic perspective by also adding the social and environmental context. In a nutshell:


1. The Flourishing Business Canvas defines three contexts which are interdependent and nested: planet, society and economy. When we picture them as below, you surely understand what is meant.

2. The largest context is the planet, if we screw up the planet there’s no society any more and no need for an economy. The second is the society because without society there’s no need for an economy. Consequently, those who care about the economy ensure that the surrounding ecosystem, social and environmental, remains healthy. An economy cannot flourish in an unhealthy social and environmental context. The three contexts are nested, and interdependent.

3. The model consists of 16 boxes, 7 more than the Business Model Canvas. These 16 boxes have different relationships to the 3 contexts.

4. There are 4 perspectives in the model:

  • PEOPLE: Who is engaged/involved. We notice that the concept Customer is replaced by Stakeholders, and the boxes ‘Ecosystem actor’ and ‘Needs’ are added.
  • VALUE: What you do. In the Flourishing Business Canvas Value proposition is called Value Co-creations, the concept Value co-destruction is added.
  • PROCESS: How do you your business and Where does it happen? Compared to the Business Model Canvas 3 concepts are added: Governance, Biophysical stocks and Ecosystem services.
  • OUTCOME: Why are you doing what you do? Instead of Revenue the word Benefits is used, and a box for ‘Goals’ is added.
Curious to see what the Flourishing Business Canvas looks like? Have a look at the visual of the model:

In less than five minutes, this video gives you a good introduction to the Flourishing Business Model:

If you want to work with this Flourishing Business Canvas, we advise you to go to their website where you will find a wealth of information: here.  

Example: Everything becomes more clear when it’s applied to a concrete situation, so let’s have a look at an example: here.