Summary and Additional Material

To Summarize, what did we present in this Introductory Session?

  1. We further discussed what the differences are between governance and leadership.
  2. We looked at Governance structural models in Social Enterprise.
  3. We explored legal vehicles for Social Enterprises.

We considered the role of Governance systems in a changing environment.

This section was the Introduction to the Module: Governance and Leadership. There have been three main directed learning elements to the module that have been presented here.

  1. What are the differences between governance and leadership?
  2. What are the keys to successful governance and leadership?
  3. And to be discussed – Why are vision driven enterprises making all the headlines?

These elements will be unpacked in the following three sets of Webinars and Learning Materials, please enjoy learning more about Governance and Leadership for Social Enterprises.

Meanwhile the journal article presented provides a narrative on two different models of governance in social enterprise. Title

Additional Assessment Activity

Share your pitch deck Share the student ideas and understanding by allowing students to pitch on social media their concepts of governance, impact metrics, risk management and leadership practice. Students can write a blog about their leadership and governance style, qualities and experiences.