How? The Values that Drive You

Values are about the way we do things. Values are the things that we believe are important in the way we live and work.  It’s good to know your personal values, and make the values of an organisation explicit. People don’t want to work for companies whose values (and mission) don’t align with their personal ones.

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Useful questions are:

  • What values do we want to pursue as an organization?
  • What values are needed to shape our mission and vision?
  • Why do we choose these values? What makes them so important to us?
  • What is the concrete meaning of our core values? How do they translate into behavior? How can we observe them in the organization and in contact with our stakeholders?

These questions can give you already a start. We have two other exercises to help define your values, or the values of the organization.

  1. Starting from a list of values, and define the core values. You find an example here
  2. Existing companies can also start from past experiences when they knew they where following there values. And then define the underlying values, give them words or symbols.


Get inspired by Simon Sinek’s 4 minute talk on “How should a company shares its values?" and remind: “Values should be written as verbs. They have to actionable, they have to be do-able.”