Focus on measurable results

  • People- and team’s success (and yours) depends on things that aren’t necessarily in your control. 
  • What are the beliefs, the goals, KPI’s ,
  • Impact on the environment

What are the goals, how and with whom do you formulate them so that you can follow the progress in achieving them?

Define measurable goals and targets. Measure results: critical success factors such as measuring quality via Key Performance Indicators (KPI), for example measuring complaints, customer satisfaction, financial indicators, etc.

Not only material, but also well-being , employee satisfaction

How are you going to facilitate them? What division of tasks?

How do you make teams self-organizing? What is needed for this? Too much for a webinar like this. An important aspect is beyond question: stay curious, innovative and continuous learning, find your way in this, look for sources and above all get to work: Learning by doing.

  • Jim Fischetti, vision to results, Leadership in action
  • The making of a manager (Julie Zhuo), 
  • Unstoppable teams, Alden Mills