If you never want to be criticized, don’t do anything. (Jeff Bezos)

In case of crisis and working under pressure, our automatic pilot, our instincts, takes over from the (learned) skills. Thinking about one’s own and someone else’s behavior gives insight into (in) effective behavioral patterns and helps to not react automatically. The combination of self-knowledge (reflection) and practice offers the prospect of successful leadership.

You don’t have to do it alone. Learn from and with others.

Be open to feedback, use it to your advantage.

Approach when you give feedback:

Don’t say : you did this or that .. But keep it to yourself:  I don’t feel comfortable when … I notice that … etc.

Establish a fact, name your feelings and wait for a reaction

Offer your help to change this

Checklist how to give valuable feedback:

  • Never make it personal
  • Don’t criticize people you’re not directly in charge of
  • Make yourself vulnerable
  • Criticism always face to face, without others
  • Sincere compliments can always be given