Develop Your Impact Culture

Is measuring impact and working in an impact-oriented way something that is primarily lived by the organization’s management or communications department? Then there is probably some work to be done on the impact culture.

An impact-oriented organizational culture starts with the knowledge and and the support of the mission and vision by all employees and stakeholders. and stakeholders. After all, a mission statement represents the raison d’être of an organization, and the impact it strives for. So that in all activities and decisions, the question can be asked whether they contribute to the mission. And when choosing between different options, which one will realize the desired  impact the most. In this way all noses are pointed at the same goal, but it also becomes clear to clear to everyone how he/she can contribute to this goal. In this way, employees become active owners of the results.

For this it is essential to integrate impact-oriented work into the organizational processes and in the organizational culture. This requires a culture change to an ‘impact culture’. And like any cultural change this is a complex challenge, which will only succeed if approached as a co-creative and learning process in which the entire organization is involved. organization is involved.

“In an impact-oriented organizational culture employees know what their own contribution to theto the organizational mission, processes are designed to steer based on data and failure counts as a learning moment.”

Source: Impactwijzer

In support of this you will find on the following pages:

  • a change model that helps you to maintain an overview of the entire process, and
  • tips for guiding the multidisciplinary and participative process process towards an impact culture.