Determining the Impact Question: Influence Method

This second method is very similar to the previous but has the advantage of already distinguishing between the circle of influence and the circle of ambition.

The following points give you guideline for an exercise that illustrates the influence method:

STEP 1: Make mission and goals explicit.

Since the mission already contains the desired impact is already contained in the desired impact, this exercise starts with recalling the mission. This is then translated into concrete objectives, where we continue working with the three most important.

STEP 2: Mapping the stakeholders

  • Who are involved in your organization?
  • Who are involved in your mission?

STEP 3: Formulate a relevant impact question.

  • Based on the chosen organizational goals, write out the desired impacts for each stakeholder. What change do you want to see from this stakeholder? Use an action-oriented wording (subject + verb)!
  • For each effect, consider whether your organization directly influences this desired change, or whether the change rather falls in the broader sphere of ambition. Where other organizations and factors outside your influence play a part. Based on this thinking exercise, place each effect in the small boxes at the bottom right of the drawing.
  • Which of these desired effects do you want to measure? Again, think about whom you are doing this for. Choose the most interesting/important impact question.