Determine the Impact Question: Matrix-Method

Determine the “focus” of the impact measurement through the defining of an impact question. To be able to resist the temptation of ‘wanting to measure everything’, it is important to determine a direction. What do you want to evaluate? For whom do you want to make the impact visible?

Organizations that do not know their mission yet are advised to first follow a mission trajectory before continuing with impact-oriented work. Conversely, an impact process ensures that the mission is periodically evaluated and adjusted if necessary.

The following points give you guideline for an exercise that illustrates the matrix-method:

STEP 1: Make mission and goals explicit.

Since the mission already contains the desired impact is already contained in the desired impact, this exercise starts with recalling the of the mission. This is then translated into concrete objectives, where we continue working with the three most important.

STEP 2: Mapping the stakeholders

  • Who are involved in your organization?
  • Who are involved in your mission?

STEP 3: Formulating a relevant impact question

  • Choose from the list the three most important stakeholders to whom you would like to demonstrate your impact, or for whom it is important to know the impact of your organization. Write these down in the box (picture above) at the bottom right of the drawing.
  • Also note the three most important organizational goals in this box.
  • The three most important stakeholders are then linked to the 3 most important organizational objectives, each time asking the question what this objective means for the stakeholder in question. Given the objective, what effect does the stakeholder want to see, in what impact is he/she interested in?
  • From the matrix with nine possibilities thus created, you now choose the most interesting/important impact question.

Example WAAK

WAAK is a social economy organisation that works with and for people distanced from the labour market. We can share with you her exercise on determining the impact question.