Define Your Stakeholders

Determining impact is a complex matter, involving many stakeholders. Before you move on to determining the impact question, it is a good warm-up to already map out your stakeholders. We listed two methods below. You can use them according to your own preference, or depending on the way you want to have an overview of your stakeholders. 

Stakeholder Matrix

  • List the stakeholders who are important to achieving your impact goal.
  • Consider how much power/influence they have to (help) realize your goal, and how much interest they have shown so far. Place each stakeholder in the power-interest matrix.
  • For each stakeholder, note how they will be involved.

Sphere of Influence versus Sphere of Ambition

The activities and interventions of your own organization have a certain scope, called the sphere of influence. It is interesting to map out in advance where this reaches. And to check to what extent it coincides with the sphere of impact.

Which potential partners can extend the sphere of influence of your organization into the desired impact sphere? How can you reach and engage these potential partners?

Social change comes about through people. It is essentially about relationships and cooperation of actors. That’s why we put actors (people, groups, organizations, agencies,…) in society at the center of planning, monitoring and measuring impact.