Define Your Client/Target Group

As a social entrepreneur you want to create a certain social effect, called the ‘Why’ by Simon Sinek, in the entrepreneurial passport you have given words to this. Under this topic we will elaborate on the target group you have in mind. For whom do you offer your services or products? For whom do you want to make a difference? Maybe you have several target groups in mind?

Here are some questions that will prompt you to think about your target audience, those who influence your target audience and distribution channels.


Who are your target customers?
Who are the most important customers?

Customer segments

Have you segmented your customer base?
What business relationship is to be sought in respect to each customer segment?


Who influences your customers (opinion leaders, stakeholders, users,…)?
What people are behind your customers?

Stakeholder group

Who are the most important stakeholders that need to be considered?
For whom do you generate (added) value?

Distribution channels

What distribution channels do you use to serve your customers?
Do the channels correspond to your customers’ needs?