Check Your Entrepreneurial Attitude


We won’t bother you with a lot of theory and words about the entrepreneurial attitude and entrepreneurial competencies. Because we know you don’t become an entrepreneur by reading a book, but by doing. Nevertheless, to have a broad idea about the entrepreneurial state will help you in your self-reflection and personal growth. To enhance this understanding you find some online tests below.  

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But first have a look at a TEDTalk where an a venture capitalist comes to speak about why 98% of the business models do not survive the evaluation by a venture capitalist. Not because the ideas are not good, not because the world does not need them. But because their elaboration doesn’t convince.
As Lluis Pareras cites: “We investors don’t invest in ideas, we invest in the execution of ideas. And therefore we look at the team.”

Would you like to learn about the entrepreneurial competencies and test how you score on them? We can direct you to three tests:

  1. Learn more about your strengths.
  2. Test your entrepreneurial skills here
  3. Free personality tests here and here

Learn more about entrepreneurial competencies and check yours with the help of these questions.