Balancing: Agile

In a rapidly changing environment, self-management is an important value. It is essential to provide frameworks and focus on (longer) term goals. Collaboration and learning from each other. Giving space to shared values and core qualities.

Agile leadership is the craft of creating the right context for self-organisation. An environment where agile teams collaborate, learn from each other, get quick feedback from users and are focused on quality and continuous learning.[gallery6835]/0

The Agile leader creates an environment for his teams in which they grow in agility and continue to connect to the rapidly changing market. In this way, the Agile leader creates an organization that is able to accelerate and remains as agile as possible even at high speed. The Agile leader is responsible for one or more Agile teams or employees from different teams.

He or she doesn’t micro-manage the people nor creates total freedom. Balancing between anarchy and strict structure is crucial .