Writing a bid or tender

source: unsplash.com

Consider the project cycles: DPIE and PDCA. The importance of a storyboard and/ or a mind map for visualisation.


There is a shopping list that you need to be aware of before starting to write a tender or bid, for example:

  • Policies and/ or Strategy – does your organization have the necessary policies and strategies
  • Capital or Revenue – what is the bid or tender for? What will it fund?
  • 5 Ps  – Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
  • Records- keep a record of all your funding applications
  • References –  not academic references but business and personal references
  • Insurances – Public liability, for example
  • Storyboard –  Creative Thinking –  innovation will determine success f the bid.

Maybe use creative thinking techniques to develop new ideas and approaches to existing problems. Innovation is a creative solution to meet an existing need. The effectiveness of Ideation and Springboarding.

Always think of why (you want to do this); how (do you have the capacity and the skills) and what (you need to do). Reference to Simon Sinek.