Move to Impact

In this part we determine the focus of the impact measurement by defining the impact question. ┬áIn order to resist the temptation of ‘wanting to measure everything’ it is important to establish a direction in advance. What do you want to evaluate? For whom do you want to make the impact visible?

Organizations that do not know their mission are advised to first follow a mission course before continuing with impact-oriented work. Conversely, an impact process ensures that the mission is periodically evaluated and adjusted if necessary.

20 minutes

This lesson will take you approximately 20 minutes to get through, that is, if you just follow the explanations.

70 minutes

With additional reading this lesson should take you in total about 70 minutes to complete.

4 hours

With additional reading and a review of the academic articles and advanced concepts, this lesson will take you approximately 4 hours to complete.

In this part you will find three topics:

  1. Define Your Stakeholders: as stakeholders are key in impact management we start with two methods to map your stakeholders.
  2. Determine the Impact Question: the Matrix Method. A visual and a guideline are provided to walk yourself and your team through this exercise.
  3. Determine the Impact Question: Sphere of Influence Method. Very similar to the first method, but with the ability to make a distinction between the sphere of influence and sphere of ambition.