Measure Your Impact

We repeated it several times already, you can’t measure everything you want to know. Measuring impact is always a matter of setting priorities and making choices, in relation to the time and resources you can free up.

Once you have decided what you want to measure, you can look for suitable indicators and measurement tools. Then you can start collecting and analyzing data.

20 minutes

This introductory session will take you approximately 20 minutes to get through, that is, if you just follow the explanations.

70 minutes

With additional reading this session should take you in total about 70 minutes to complete.

4 hours

With additional reading and a review of the academic articles, journal articles or advanced concepts should take you, more like, 4 hours to complete.

This section details four topics:

  • What will you measure?
  • Which measuring instruments will you use?
  • How, when, where and by whom will the data be collected?
  • How will you analyze the data?
  • Organisational learning

We designed a clear diagram that supports you in the measurement process. Those who fill in the eight columns have their measurement process ready and clearly laid out. The template consists of part 1 and part 2 which we advise to print in landscape format.