Hi! Welcome to the introduction of the module ‘Starting up your business – The Business Cockpit of the social entrepreneur’.


Here you are going to learn how to turn your dream into a business, and get started. We did our best to stick to the essentials of a business model and document the core concepts well. Those who want to delve into a particular topic will find more information in the attached videos and links to literature.

Over the years we discovered that a successful business not only requires a good business plan, but that it is equally important to be very aware of your own drive and talents. Therefore, this is also extensively discussed.

Let’s give an overview of how this module is structured. After this introduction, where we dwell for a moment on the concept of social entrepreneurship, we start with the entrepreneurial passport where you reflect on the mission and DNA of your business(idea). We then proceed with the exploration of  business models and their components, ending with sustainable variants of these business models.

  1. Create your entrepreneurial passport. Here a number of fundamentals of the entrepreneur and enterprise are identified. Such as the question of what the company wants to contribute to, the strengths it wants to use, its unique position in the field, etc.
  2. Develop a business model. A business model consists of a number of building blocks that you, as an entrepreneur, need to become familiar with. Step by step we take you through this so that after some practice you can also speak this language yourself.
  3. Sustainable Business Models. We cannot give a complete overview of business models without touching on the topic of sustainability. Above all, remember that all types of business models (linear, sustainable, commercial,…) are essentially all about the same principles. But, the sustainable layers on top do make it all more complex.

20 minutes

This introductory session will take you approximately 20 minutes to get through, that is, if you just follow the explanations.

70 minutes

With additional reading this session should take you in total about 70 minutes to complete.

4 hours

With additional reading and a review of the academic articles, journal articles or advanced concepts should take you, more like, 4 hours to complete.

There are 3 concepts we want to share with you before starting the learning.:

  1. A short history of social entrepreneurship. To understand the present and imagine the future, it’s important to know the past
  2. Social entrepreneurs on the hybrid spectrum. These days everyone likes to call themselves a social entrepreneur. Using the hybrid spectrum, we explain where social entrepreneurship is situated, and it becomes clear that other entrepreneurs are also committed to social causes.
  3. Social impact and entrepreneurship: creating a common language. After many decades of thinking that social and entrepreneurship don’t go together, people are increasingly coming to the conclusion that they can both fulfill their mission more when they start learning from each other and integrate each other’s strengths. This requires learning to read and write each other’s language.

We hope you enjoy the journey and find the information and knowledge you are looking for!