Case Examples for Internships

Internships with AC AMICS

Valencia, Spain
AC AMICS provides training, non-formal education and mobility opportunities mainly for young people in the Valencian Community of Spain. They coordinate placements in public youth centres in different parts of the region, with a small number of placements focusing specifically on inclusion and improving the quality of life for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Young people can participate in volunteering project, no matter what area of study or educational background, with enthusiasm and motivation the only entry criteria. Participants will be faced with new and differing perspectives, discovering new cultures and making new friends whilst helping local communities deliver social change and improvement. Placements can also be financed via the European Solidarity Corps. Further information on specific placement opportunities can be found here.

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Research Internships for Doctoral Scholars

Dresden, Germany

The Centre for Open Digital Innovation and Participation (CODIP) at TU Dresden offers research internships in the context of its  doctoral programmes. Besides the supervision of Bachelor and Master theses, CODIP co-organises the structured doctoral program on ‘Education & Technology’.

source: TUD Nils Eisfeld
source: TUD Michael Kretzschmar

Since 2009, more than 40 doctoral researchers have completed their dissertation research within the scope of this doctoral programme, with currently more than 20 national and international young researchers working on doctoral research and with approximately 25 R&D projects in parallel.
Annual summer and winter schools are delivered alongside a weekly colloquium, serving the needs of international scholars and guests. For those planning or already undertaking a PhD and seeking an exciting research experience, just send a CV to codip at referencing ‘T3W Research Internship’ in the subject line.


Internships at Urban Living Lab Breda

Breda, The Netherlands

Urban Living Lab Breda is an urban lab which works with the city and its surroundings. It is also a living lab, an experimental place where people are at the centre of decision making and where their questions, concerns and aspirations, relating to social sustainability, are the subject of discussion and the tasks that they deliver. Urban Living Lab Breda actively seeks solutions that benefit everyone in the city and beyond, by supporting social enterprises that prioritise a future-proof way of living for future generations, and through improving the climate and urban environment.


Urban Living Lab Breda brings together key stakeholders from education, industry, government and society, to address priority issues and to deliver new solutions in a sustainable world. If you are eager to learn in a dynamic, hands-on environment, then opportunities exist to help with the delivery of one or more innovative projects spending between 2 weeks and a full 1 semester undertaking research and social entrepreneurship projects. For further information, contact Urban Living Lab Breda at info @ or go to the website at

IES Social Business school logo

Academy of Talent at IES-Social Business School

Lisbon, Portugal

IES-Social Business School was the first social entrepreneurship school in Portugal, delivering educational and training programmes about Impact Economy and Social Innovation, both to individuals, non-profit organisations, and enterprises. Over the past 14 years, IES-SBS has gathered a community of more than 9000 alumni from 18 different countries, bringing together extraordinary people who want to solve the biggest societal challenges of our times!

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source: IES-Social Business School
source: IES-Social Business School

We seek to professionalise careers in the social sector, from the introduction to this subject to the specialisation of executive positions, and to connect the talent to the market. If you want to know more about our programmes, projects or network of purpose driven people and organisation, contact us at escola @

StartMinds at UCLL

Leuven, Belgium
If you want to start your own business, or if you have already started your own business and want to develop it further, UCLL StartMinds is the place to go.

StartMinds inspires with StartMind Talks, inspiration sessions that broaden your view. With the StartMinds Academy you can polish up your knowledge on many topics: bookkeeping, pitching, storytelling, financing possibilities for your start-up, etc. You can also participate in external workshops, competitions and lectures.

source: UCLL

The StartMinds coaches guide you in the development of your idea or business plan. If you want to test an idea, they are your sounding board. If you want advice on your business you can contact them for tailored coaching. With the unique concept of StartMinds Cheques, you can enjoy free advice from UCLL’s partners in Leuven and Limburg, such as SBB, E&Y, A&B partners, Fiscadvies, METHA, Xerius or Strarex.
Finally, StartMinds offers you the chance to connect with the right people. You can tap into the network of the college to make the contacts needed to start your business. Moreover, UCLL can help you with an internship within a start-up where you can gain a lot of experience - working in a start-up is the ideal learning experience! You can contact StartMinds by sending an email to startminds @

source: UCLL

Cimio Internships at UCLL

Leuven, Belgium

Cimio is an expertise cell within Smart Organisations (UCLL Research & Expertise) that focuses on impact-oriented social innovation and entrepreneurship. As a knowledge partner at the intersection of research and practice, it integrates inputs from practitioners on the field to find new ways of impact-oriented entrepreneurship and organization, in the transition to a sustainable world.
In doing so, it departs from three pillars of knowledge: •Sustainable entrepreneurship, with projects on sustainability tools and sustainable business models;
•Wicked challenges, with research on complex realities and transitions.
•Measuring impact, with a focus on non-financial and non- economic parameters.

source: UCLL

Anyone interested in exploring the world of practice-based research through an internship can contact Cimio via this contact form.

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