Case Example for Internships

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European Solidarity Corps

If you are looking for an experience, where you can find lots of learning opportunities, new friends, discover new cultures and help the local community with a social project, then the European Solidarity Corps can be good for you.

Young people 18-30 years old can participate in a Volunteering Project, no matter of your studies or educational background. All you need is a good motivation and not too much of fear and shyness. If you have any special needs, there will be a strong support system, so don't hesitate in finding more information and taking advantage of this opportunity.
In the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), you will find around 5500 opportunities in EUROPE to go for volunteering up to 1 year (minimum 2 months). Different projects will offer different activities in different social fields. You will find projects connected with environmental protection, youth work, cultural activities, inclusion of people with disabilities, rural development, animal shelters, etc.

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If you want to explore the rest of opportunities in other institutions for Volunteering Projects, register in the European Solidarity Corps system here and start choosing and designing your experience abroad (or also in-country).
Institution AC AMICS coordinates 8 volunteering placements in the region of Valencia connected with the Youthwork in the public youth centers in different cities (Silla, Sagunto, Quart de Poblet and Agres) and 2 more placements in a project about inclusion and quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities in the city of Silla. If you want to know more about our projects, you can find some details here, as well as on these platforms:

Research Internships for Doctoral Scholars

At the TU Dresden, Center for Open Digital Innovation and Participation (CODIP), Germany

The Center for Open Digital Innovation and Participation (CODIP) at TU Dresden offers research internships in the context of its doctoral programmes. Besides the supervision of Bachelor and Master theses, CODIP co-organises the structured doctoral program on ‘Education & Technology’.

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Since 2009, more than 40 doctoral researchers have completed their dissertation research within the scope of this doctoral programme, with currently more than 20 national and international young researchers working on doctoral research and with approximately 25 R&D projects in parallel which may suite as context for the internship.
Annual summer and winter schools are delivered alongside a weekly colloquium, serving the needs of international scholars and guests. For those planning or already undertaking a PhD and seeking an exciting research experience, just send a CV to codip at ​ referencing ‘T3W Research Internship’ in the subject line


The Urban Living Lab in Breda (The Netherlands)


Urban Living Lab Breda is an urban lab which works with the city and its surroundings. It is also a living lab, an experimental place where people are at the centre of decision making and where their questions, concerns and aspirations, relating to social sustainability, are the subject of discussion and the tasks that they deliver. Urban Living Lab Breda actively seeks solutions that benefit everyone in the city and beyond, by supporting social enterprises that prioritise a future-proof way of living for future generations, and through improving the climate and urban environment.


Urban Living Lab Breda brings together key stakeholders from education, industry, government and society, to address priority issues and to deliver new solutions in a sustainable world. If you are eager to learn in a dynamic, hands-on environment, then opportunities exist to help with the delivery of one or more innovative projects spending between 2 weeks and a full 1 semester undertaking research and social entrepreneurship projects. For further information, contact Urban Living Lab Breda at info at or go to the website at